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                      中国诚通与中船重工战略携手 共同推动债转股项目落地


                      NEWS CENTER


                      Overview of investment projects

                      Update time:2017-02-27Company Profile

                      Chengtong Fund Management Co., Ltd, which established by China Chengtong Group Holding Group, was entrusted with management of China Structural Reform Fund Co., Ltd, which founded on September 22nd 2016. The fund aim to provide state-owned enterprises support in development, industrial consolidation, professional reorganization, capacity adjustment and international mergers and acquisitions by establishing sub-fund as well as direct investment. 

                      Basic Qualifications

                      1、Minimum master’s degree from 985 or 211 universities.

                      2、Experience in private equity funds or well - known financial institutions.

                      3、Good conduct, good team spirit, preserve the company's honor and benefits.

                      How to apply

                      Applicants should fill in the "Application Form" (see Annex) and send it to [email protected] by March 20th 2017. The file name of both the e-mail and the "Application Form" should follow the format that is " job + name + working years + education level ".


                      For more recruitment information, please visit our Chinese website. Welcome to join us in China Structural Reform Fund. 

                      Address: Winland International Center,  7th Floor,7 Finance Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, 100033

                      Tel: 010-83271700                 

                      FAX: 010-83271742

                      E-mail:[email protected]

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